custom Spiral wound gaskets new york sunwell seals

Spiral wound gaskets consist of a metal tape with a particular shaped profile and coupled to another filling tape which can be in graphite, PTFE, ceramic fiber or glass etc ... both wound with a constant winding tension.

The particular metal profile has an elastic action that ensures a perfect seal in all conditions of fluctuating temperatures and pressure. They fit on flat and stepped flanges. They can be assembled to an internal or external centering ring or both. The use of rings has very specific purposes. The internal ring has an anti-turbulence function as it usually has the internal diameter equal to the internal diameter of the flange. It avoids the deposition of material between the interstice of the flange and, normally, it is built with the same material as the spiral so it protects against corrosion and eliminates erosion of the flange. The outer ring, on the other hand, serves as a centering device for the gasket with respect to the inner ring of the bolts even in the most difficult positions.

Use: Oil refineries, chemical industries, steam production and processing plants and power plants.