Double jacket gasket

Metal Jacketed Gaskets consist of a thin metal shell surrounded by a resilient filler material. The gasketed metal housing protects the elastomeric packing and resists pressure, temperature and corrosion. Metal Jacketed Washers are handcrafted and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are available in a variety of metals and fillers. Internal ribs available in any configuration. These gaskets are widely used in heat exchanger applications but require good and uniform flange surfaces and high bolt loads to achieve a seal.

Single-sheathed gaskets have a surface with both outer and inner diameters covered by a metal sheath. Narrow flange width for low pressure valve/pump applications.

The double jacket gasket is completely surrounded by two pieces of metal jacket, covering the OD, ID and both sealing surfaces. Widely used in heat exchanger applications for corrosive and high temperature service.

Internal stiffeners (passages) can be one piece or welded, both types to safely maintain the primary seal.


> Heat Exchangers

> Gas mains

> Boilers and Fuels

> Pump.

> Bonnet

Simple shapes are used for pipe flanges and sealing surfaces of internal combustion engines, and complex shapes are used for flange covers of heat exchangers, etc. Generally, the width of the gasket is 10-25MM and the thickness is 2MM-8MM, and it can be used under the maximum working pressure of 6-10Mpa.